"We receive the professional knowledge from our training, after that, HWH group will teach you step by step about how to react in different situation".
    I'm HWH group part-time employee, Yeh, Chia-Hsiu; I still remember the first time I corporate with HWH, when I've never attend such this activity before. I personally enjoy the time I spend with the crowd. Therefore, when I had a chance to meet people of every kind, and learned communicating with others, that’s the meaning I participate. In every exhibition, conference, or activity, every person can be my teacher. No matter who they are, my co-workers or leaders, each of them has different attitudes when facing obstacles. They have taught me so much.
    HWH provides the best tools to us, the part-time employees, is the professional knowledge. HWH group teach us dealing with various kinds of questions, at the same time, they want us to imitate and envision different situations. Thus, when facing them, we know how to react, or find a best way to solve them. HWH is a very friendly company. I not only learn the knowledge, but board my world horizon and build relationships with others. In my experience, it’s quite difficult to get know other people in different fields if I had other occupations. HWH is more than a part-time work platform, it is also a platform to meet friends from every age, every fields.
    In these activities, there is one thing really impressed me. There was one exhibitor asked me about my company because he found every on-site staffs always had good attitudes when talking to visitors. He wanted to know which company we belong to and had the willingness to corporate with us. Because of this, I feel encouraged every time I work. I know this is an approvement from our clients; every efforts we did can be seen.

    “The most important thing in an international exhibition is interacting with every visitor. We need to have enough preparations to show we are generous, confident, and profession.”
    I have served in HWH for 4 years. The most impressive experience is the first time I became a team leader. This experience is completely different from what school taught us; it inspired me with many new thoughts. In the past 4 years, I have attended Beauty Shows, Car Shows, Baby & Mommy Expos, Travel Fairs, Game Shows, Comic Exhibitions and other conferences. I still remember one time in Comic Exhibition, the visitors were over-loaded, every on-site staffs had to sink their teeth into the works. In the Beauty Show, I gained a sense of accomplishment when being as a team leader. I needed to teach the new staffs about service techniques and knowledge and build the team cohesion. Thus, my team members can gain more confident to solve problems.
    HWH is a very professional company; it not only offers us more than 8 hours pre-training, but also provide enough information and special remarks on manuals. In the pre-training, every part-time staffs will need to understand the concept of on-site operations, then every team leader will bring the team members to drill and intimate in different situations. We need to make sure everyone clearly understands their own jobs; therefore, they will be ready to complete the missions in the exhibition workplace.
    I am surely I will commend my friends to work in HWH. HWH is not just a company that offer part-time jobs, we can also learn practical communicating skills which can benefit us forever in the future.

    “During the pre-training, we played in different characters to get familiar with every duty in every role. By doing this, we can confirm if every staff can complete their missions during the work.”
    My name is Kuei, Chia-Hsin, I joined HWH group since 2018. In these years, I’ve worked in the information desk, exhibition tour guide, and translator serving for foreign guests. When I was in school, I majored in English and minor in Japanese. My previous job required me to live in Macau, therefore I also speak Cantonese as well. I work part-time in HWH; my first job in an exhibition is SEMICON 2018, since then, I also participated some trade shows, which as known as consumer exhibition, such as Baby & Mommy Expos, Travel Fairs, or Wedding Fairs. There are other exhibitions specially holding for some industries or fields, for example, SEMICON, TPCA Show, Smart City Summit & Expo, Information Security Exhibition, and Secutech. I remember one time, I was a exhibition stand staff. On that day, it was my first time seeing a real international exhibition. Visitors were coming from the Middle East such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, even Egypt and South America countries like Bolivia, Brazil. It was far beyond my expectation.
    HWH has a comprehensive work opportunity. The exhibitions that we can participate are not just some consumer trade fairs, there are more international and professional exhibitions. We can expose different levels of information, messages, and guests; and every skill we learn from the works is comprehensive. I really encourage anyone who is interested in MICE industry can join HWH group. Because we can learn more than we expect.

    “Enough pre-training can make us understand where we belong and what we response for.”
    2019 Computex was my third time corporates with HWH group. I am still a university student now. The first time I know HWH was because my previous company corporates with HWH on Comic Exhibition. After finishing the Comic Exhibition, I feel that HWH is adequate in terms of system and the pre-training. It will not make the part-time staffs messy, and can stabilize my mood at work faster. This helps me more easily to enter the situation and come up with the best. Among these activities I have taken, I am most impressed by the Game Show. Taipei Game Show is relatively large and the work is relatively tense, but the lessons I learned, such as how to express what I want to say or what I should do, or how to get along with the team members under my leadership, how to lead them, and establish a good cooperative relationship. These are important factors to make an exhibition successed.

    “HWH is like a big family with all friendly people. Any question we throw, we get the answer. This is an important point for every part-time staffs.”
    My first work with HWH was the Smart City Summit & Expo, my duty was pick-up foreign guests at the Airport. In the past, I had rare chance to communicate in English, and I was afraid of it. However, after a few times of training and practices by HWH, I found that speaking out and letting people understand was not as hard as I imaged. One thing impresses me the most was on the Smart City Summit & Expo, every foreign guest has high social status. But when I was conveying the messages from the SCSE organizers, these foreign guests still pay attention to me and record the information. Since then, I realized our works are more important than we thought.
    The most essential lesson I learnt from HWH is about the attitudes. No matter the attitude to our work, or the attitude to our co-workers, they are equally important. The work maybe tense due to different factors, but we need to finish our works by our own. This is about our working attitudes. However, during the pre-training, HWH would simply explain the situations and stimulate different occurrences to let us practice. So, when we face those questions in reality, we will have more confident to deal with them. HWH is like a big family with all friendly people. Any question we throw, we get the answer. This is an important point for every part-time staffs.
    I still remember in the SCSE airport pick-up service, one of the guests told me: “You’re not like a student, you are professional.” Every times when I remind of this, it encourages me a lot; it makes me believe in myself and my ability. Taiwanese students are not lack of professional skills, but they need more self-recognition. HWH has a perfect platform to connect with the world-wide exhibitions, this is the best way to see the world from another angle. This is an opportunity for students to discover themselves.
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