HWH Group | A word from Teacher Huang | I don't know you, but I want to thank you


圖片出處:Heho 健康

#I don't know you, but I want to thank you.

#Happiness, only between a read.

#Letting external circumstances determine our state of mind versus transforming the environment with our mind.

Because of the epidemic, the original pace of life was disrupted, and everything that was  accustomed to, suddenly became unfamiliar. The distance between people is not only the distance between epidemic prevention, but also the distance between hearts.

In the past few days, in order to implement the epidemic prevention work, in addition to the masks, the teacher also began to wear anti-epidemic masks. As a result, the skin behind the ears was scratched. In addition, because the masks were carried for a long time and walking outdoors, it was super stuffy. It makes me really uncomfortable, so I always complain to my family and friends about the inconvenience in life.

One day, when I drove past the screening station, I saw a group of epidemic prevention staff working hard. Watching them wrapped tightly under the big sun, the teacher suddenly felt that the inconveniences in our lives are nothing. These medical and anti-epidemic workers who are in order to protect our health have worked harder. Looking at the busy figures of these people, the teacher suddenly thought of a sentence in his heart, that is: "I don't know you, but I want to thank you.

I believe that when you are physically strong, your life without going out will really make you unhappy and make many people complain again and again. However, we still want to thank the school for taking into account your right to seek knowledge and doing everything possible to arrange online learning; it is also because of your parents, who are responsible for your life, so that you only need to concentrate on studying without worrying about your livelihood.

If you only look at the things in front of your life, you may feel that you get too little. Once you expand your horizons, you will find that you actually have more than you think. Just like a teacher, if you only see your own discomfort, you will naturally feel unhappy, but once you enlarge your vision and see the hard work of other people, you will be surprised that you are actually very happy. For the same thing, different thoughts will have different feelings. Fortunately and unfortunately, it may be in a single thought. The "heart will turn, the road will turn". I hope that students will always be grateful and optimistic.