HWH Group | A word from Teacher Huang | Every small screw in the organization represents the brand power of the organization.


"Every small screw in the organization represents the brand power of the organization."

One day the teacher heard a conversation between two people on the MRT,

A: "Today, the boss chose company A to provide services, but I don't think the sales staff of company A are particularly good. I really don't understand why company A should be selected?"

B: "Don't you know that company A's brand is more resounding? So it has nothing to do with the salesman!

It's strange! The team's brand is connected to the individual's brand. Yes! From the perspective of the real society, we are indeed almost inseparable from group life throughout our lives, including families, schools, offices, clubs, or public associations, as well as other organizations and groups that we like to participate in. When we begin to participate in group life, we will gradually find that we are in fact sharing the same honor and disgrace with the group or organization, and then gradually understand why the organization and the group have set the norms and requirements.

The group effect is bringing us a lot of benefits in image and value, because when you belong to an organization with social status and corporate value, you can get a better image and trust than ordinary people. For example, I often hear that students are proud of the school he attends and at the same time increase many job opportunities; and the teachers themselves also make me easy to be discovered and trusted through the associations I participate in.

Yes, this is the brand benefit we are familiar with. Many organizations invest a lot of advertising, capital, cost, and energy for their brands, accumulating others' trust and feelings for it bit by bit. Such brand value is not only for commercial benefits, it can also benefit from everyone in the organization. In other words, if your friend is an employee of a well-known catering industry, and we are envious of the company’s benefits and their public image, this friend suddenly said, "No, our company sucks." !" How do you feel at this time? The teacher can tell everyone that this person instantly destroyed the company's brand image, including his own, because the listener will interpret: "It turns out that this company is not that professional and not very good, and you, too." Many people often do and use behaviors that are detrimental and detrimental to others. They always complain about their own organization or deny their own team.

I have listened to a lot of business sales courses and heard an old saying: If you want to sell this product to others, you have to like it and agree with it. Yes, if you don’t like something or a service, how do we sell it to others?


     Teachers often share with colleagues in the company that we are not just people who do things for money. If you don’t like or agree with the organization and still serve in this organization, you are not only denying your own value, but also unable to provide the work attitude, just passive work day after day, how about you like this?


Anyone plays a decisive role in the team. It is important to choose an organization that you can identify with. I hope that we can all work hard to live what we like.