HWH Group | MICE Industry | How to plan your school life to create a better future? Treasure your time!


Once, I knew a successful entrepreneur who grew up with excellent grades and went to study abroad. After returning, he set up a software company with hundreds of people, with a turnover of several hundred million dollars. When I asked him about the rule of success, he only told me, “don’t study at the bed when you’re studying; don’t look at your phone when you are at a dinner party; don’t worry about work when you are playing; and when you are at work, be committed and live every moment seriously.”

The phoenix blossoms, and the graduation season is approaching. I often see that many students have more sorrow in addition to the joy. Every time in the last semester, the students gather frequently, because we must cherish the last moment and cherish each other. After the chatter box was opened, one after another, I was so unhappy, but as long as I talked about a topic, the students remained silent or did not know the answer, that is... What will I do after graduation? Thinking of it in the last semester will be too late.  This means a four-year college career was an unplanned youthful passing.  Students’ time had been occupied by their time on collecting credits, working part-time, and satisfying personal. But the paradox is that because many students are like this, they are not lost at the starting point by comparison.  This kind of rejoicing often makes Teacher Huang sigh deeply. Let’s think about it. If everyone doesn’t sell breakfast in a certain area, but you sell it, then everyone will find you to buy breakfast; if many people don’t spend four years in college seriously and only you make full use of it, then when you are looking for a job, it must have been a lot smoother. We all know that Microsoft is the first software company, so it has conquered system supply for almost half a century; we all know that Facebook is the first social platform with a complete structure, so it is used by almost everyone. If we haven’t forgotten that by making good use of the four years of university, we can have chances to come out on top and win at the starting point.

The courses and interpersonal relationships in the university field are almost all created in response to future job hunting. Like Teacher Huang’s teaching, you can lay the foundation of your knowledge and thinking about job hunting in the future; the interaction of classmates will help the future management of interpersonal relationships in the organization; all kinds of networking and experience camp activities can help you adapt faster in different cultural groups; serving as a school club cadre allows you to get in touch with leadership and crisis response earlier; the internship arranged by the school allows you to better understand the workplace, determine your direction, and even hone your EQ..... Everything is helping everyone to enter the workplace.

I can say that the school is like a car with complete engines, systems, interiors and exteriors. It only depends on how you drive and which direction you want to drive. Students, treasure every moment of your time, make your lives more planned and fruitful.