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#Everyone is a brand

"A dissatisfied customer will tell at least 15 people about his experience." - We have all met customers complaining, and we have also complained to friends. Let’s recall that when you encounter bad experiences and impressions, you will spit out bitterness when you meet.  But every time you spit out bitterness in the experience; this is another bad memory of experience.

One time I encountered an airport staff on my business trip; this staff had a very bad attitude, and his speech and actions were rude. He made me feel very uncomfortable of course. After returning home, this unpleasant memory recalled all the time when I tried talk about that country and experiences with friends.  Same reason, when working on an exhibition or conference, we are performing in front of the guests. Every word or move of us are representing ourselves as a brand. If the exhibition is international, we represent more than ourselves, the host or a brand; we represent as our country.  Image, often good and bad service, bring the most direct feelings to the guests.  Don't neglect your own value or even influence, and encourage each other!