Under the epidemic of COVID-19, HWH will do the best for social care


The epidemic may dampen some people's enthusiasm for social care, but even if our company is also influenced by the epidemic, we still remember to play our social responsibilities at all times. Not long ago, HWH donated materials to the "The Mustard Seed Mission", which was established more than 60 years ago. It is a social welfare institution founded by American missionary Ms. Sun Lilian in 1952. The association started from the most needed areas in Taiwan at that time to help the poor. Therefore, her charity work in Taiwan began. "The Mustard Seed Mission" starts with caring for leprosy patients, continues to serve indigenous people, maternal in remote mountain areas, patients with lung disease and black foot patients, etc. She set up mountain clinics and itinerant medical treatments, pioneering the technical education of indigenous people to help them have a skill, and encourage the completion of education. Therefore, the founder, Ms. Sun Lilian, is respected as "Mother of the Mountain", "Mother of the Blind", "Mother of the Orphan", "Mother of the Leper". 
HWH tries to do the best to help the world, thus, we donated some materials to The Mustard Seed Mission. Recently, HWH received a thank-you letter from the association. We are happy and believe that this society is still warm.