Taiwan Brand International Strategy

Activity Location: National Sun Yat-sen University and Howard Hotels
Activity Time:2020/11/28、12/12
TEBA undertook the plan of the International Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and ask Professor Fang Zhimin from National Sun Yat-sen University to lead research team and carry out the Taiwan Industrial Brand Investigation and Research Project for a long time. This year, it held the first brand yearbook presentation. The content is to summarize the current status and key practices of Taiwanese companies' brand management in the international market, and Taiwanese corporate leaders to show up to share the difficult process of promoting brand internationalization, so that more people can understand the strategic direction of Taiwanese brand international strategy.

In addition to the preparatory work of the event, HWH also host the presentation and be response for all the attendants flow, space flow and the computer operation. Besides, the registration desk staff, and the guidance staff included Sun Yat-sen University students. We properly train all the staffs and they assisted in the presentation of the agenda part of the venue, and assisted in reporting and guidance outside the venue. The whole process cooperated and tacitly, and the event ended successfully.