2020 Giftionery & Culture Creative, Taipei

Activity Location:TWTC Hall1
Activity Time:2020/11/05-2020/11/08
As one of Asia's gift and cultural and creative production leaders, Taiwan has abundant cultural and creative energy. Many local Taiwanese design brands have gained a lot of international attention. Taiwan stationery manufacturers combine the practicality and beauty of their products; the environmental protection concepts have also been promoted in recent years, to meet market needs. Marketing them all over the world through exhibitions and e-commerce platforms is the new fashion. Giftionery & Culture Creative, Taipei attracts well-known international companies such as Amazon and Walmart and more than 9,000 professional domestic and overseas buyers from more than 50 countries to the exhibition.
Our staff mainly assists in the registration of exhibitors, giving certificates and the purchase of tickets for visitors, the consultation at the service desk, the inspection of booth decoration and exhibition status.