2019 BioBusiness Asia Conference

Activity Location:Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
Activity Time:2019/07/24-2019/07/26
The 2019 Asia Biotechnology Business Opportunities Summit Forum was held from July 24 to July 26, with cross-border investment (cross-financing), cross-border investment, alliance mergers and acquisitions, regional cooperation and other topics, plus cancer immunotherapy, cell therapy, CAR-T. The Breakthrough technologies such as gene therapy and regenerative medicine, as well as innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of Things, gene sequencing, gene editing, and liquid slicing (Game-Changing Technology). We invited international experts to speak and participate in forums. The theme of the Asian Biotechnology Conference 2019 is "Biotech as the Next Growth Engine for Asia", attracting more than 1500 participants from 25 countries, 1,700 booths, 600 Manufacturers exhibiting. Just like last year, the HWH is responsible for the check-in and personnel guidance in the forum. All our staffs are wearing black suits and white shirts to receive every guest with the most rigorous attitude. During the meeting, our staff is also responsible for registering at the registration desk, and guiding applicants to positioning, so that the two parties can meet smoothly.