2019 Taipei International Travel Fair – Korea

Activity Location:Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
Activity Time:2019/11/08-2019/11/11
The ITF Taipei International Travel Exhibition was held at the Nangang Exhibition Hall from November 8 to November 11. Among them, the Korea Tourism Organization held the "2019 Korean Culture and Tourism Exhibition" in this travel exhibition to create the largest national image hall. The theme of this year's Korea Pavilion is "Exploring Korea, Playing Fun and Going Deep into Korea". The exhibition not only 2 groups of famous KPOP artists and 2 groups of performance groups bring brilliant performances. The 66 booths in the hall are divided into stages District, KPOP shopping area, Korean food area, local government promotion area, cruise area, and sales area, a total of about 25 sales booths, 21 promotion booths. This is including nearly 80 exhibitors and about 160 A Korean staffs came to the exhibition. Due to the large number of staff needed for the venue, more than 20 staff members led by HWH were assigned to perform on site. In addition to basic assistance for Korean manufacturers to participate in the exhibition, the booth staffs must explain information of Korean to visitors and interact with people through some game.