2020 Taiwan Southeast Asia Halal Products Expand Online Sales

Activity Location:Taipei World Trade Center Hall1 2F
Activity Time:2020/11/25
In order to maintain the growth of Taiwan local Halal food industry, International Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA held the conference Online to promote our halal products. Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, this online conference was engaged by 20 Taiwan local buyers and hundreds of overseas buyers to negotiate and hopefully could reach 7.26 million US dollar on selling products.
Participants of this event not only have halal certification products to attract buyers in the Muslim market, but also include special agricultural products that are currently not available in the Malaysian market, such as water lotus, rare milk raw materials, and food raw materials (such as patented resistant starch, Green banana powder, cuttlefish powder), halal herbal health products and health drinks, special processed pure rice products, plum series products, sesame oil, bitter tea oil and other high-quality products to meet the diverse purchasing needs of buyers.
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