2020 ITI Talent Matchmaking

Activity Location:Kaohsiung session, Hsinchu session
Activity Time:2020/03/06, 2020/03/17
The International Trade Institute (ITI) courses are foreign language and economic and trade courses with two main cores running through the training, and the goal is to train marketing business managers who can work independently abroad. In the 32 years since the establishment of the ITI, there have been 5,648 alumni of ITI courses, and the alumni have spread all over the world. The excellent performance of the alumni in the industry has created a good reputation for ITI training and a high degree of recognition in the corporate world. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and the TAITRA had conducted three "ITI Talent Matchmaking" in 2020 to meet the needs of hiring employees in the business community, serving 119 companies and providing 1,037 job vacancies. The talents were available to participate in Kaohsiung session on March 6th and Hsinchu session on March 17th. We provide the best service with the most professional attitude to serve every meetings.