2019 Hot Toys Annual Show

Activity Location:Syntrend Creative Park 1F
Activity Time:2019/08/31-2019/09/08
The Beast Kingdom brings the hottest toy event "Hot Toys Annual Exhibition" of the past summer and again in the summer of 2019. The exhibition period is only nine days and will be exhibited on the 12th cube of the first floor of Syntrend Creative Park. In 2019 are the eighth years of the exhibition. A hundred pieces of exhibits came to Taiwan, and more than a hundred of them were exposed for the first time in Taiwan. There are three main exhibition areas such as "Marvel", "Star Wars" and "DC", and there are movie authorization dolls that have not yet released movies such as "It: Chapter 2" and "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker". All kinds of exhibitions undertaken by talented people, commercial exhibitions are of course included. In this Hot Toys 2019 annual exhibition, we are responsible for the human parts of merchandise sales, access control, and flow guidance.