2020 Taipei Lantern Festival

Activity Location:Taipei City
Activity Time:2020/02/06-2020/02/16
The 2020 Taipei Lantern Festival will be staged in a series of 9 days in the February 8 yen festival to February 16 in Taipei East and West district. Unlike the single exhibition area in previous years, the "2020 Taipei Lantern Festival" has a double exhibition area that has never been seen before, plus the characteristic cultural, creative market, interactive technology and sound and light art performances, adding the charm of the festival and creating a new Taipei International Tourism Attractions. This year's Taipei Lantern Festival is the first time to plan the two main exhibition areas of Nangang and Ximen with the concept of east and west double homes, to jointly interpret the theme of this year's Taipei Lantern Festival: "TOGETHER WE GLOW, turn the hole and turn the Taipei to turn the light." The most important spirit of the East and West Home Stadium lies in the cohesion of "glow together", so 2020 will be transformed into a connected structure that symbolizes the hand-in-hand cooperation of Taipei City; the warm golden West District interprets the classic style of Taipei, and the cold blue represents the future of Taipei East District sense. The light that illuminates Taipei comes from the background and future of the citizens. In addition, it echoes the Year of the Rat. The "WE" brought by the West x East is formed by the glowing mouse holes connecting the East and West, and the people of Taipei. It is expected that everyone will unite together in 2020 and turn greater light, glory and power for Taipei.