2019 Computex Taipei Experience Camp

Activity Location:Chihlee University of Technology
Activity Time:2019/05/16
The "2019 Computex Taipei " facilitate between the organizers, venue operating units, exhibition event planners, and partner schools for training skilled people in the northern region. The college students who are interested in internships/work in the exhibition industry can have the chance to learn the enthusiasm, ability and increase of the knowledge to be participation in the related industries, and then effectively cultivate the exhibition talents in the northern region. "2019 Computex Taipei " hosted by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, Taiwan Convention & Exhibition Association, and co-organize by HWH. The four universities in Taiwan were invited, including Chung Hua University, Hungkuo Delin University of Technology, Chihlee University of Technology and Jinwen University of Science and Technology. There were more than 120 students from related exhibition departments, gathered at Chihlee University of Technology. According to the needs of the planning of activities in the 2019 Computex¸we simulation of the venue content and human resource requirements. The leading lecturers and instructors in the positions set up, designing various service scenarios and situations that will face the problems. We are under the guidance of the leading lecturer and counselor, let the students experience the service process at the event site. Finally, the students grouped to share their results, and the counselor will make comments. HWH also assist as a staff to provide on-site layout output, meal services, and assistance the volunteer students to complete all the activities.