2018-2019 Taichung World Flora Exposition

Activity Location:Houli, Yongfeng, Fengyuan
Activity Time:2018/11/03-2019/04/24
「Rediscover GNP: Green, Nature and People」
Taichung World Flora Exposition took place from November 3, 2018 to April 24, 2019. This exhibition’s main core “Rediscover GNP” has been redefined as Green, Nature, and People. The three exhibition sites were located at Houli, Yongfeng and Fengyuan, and each site promoted its own special features as the highlights in the Expo. If you have visited Taichung World Flora Expo, you might have met HWH unconsciously. We took responsibility for all the ticket sales and other onsite operating services. HWH is pursuing to serve the visitors in a more convenient way.