A Minions Perspective

Activity Location:Huashan 1914 Creative Park
Activity Time:2022/1/5-2022/4/4
-Exhibition staff(schedule shift)
Work content:Assist in ticket sales and checkout, accounting and reporting, queuing line guidance, door ticket inspection, exhibition area introduction, game master, mobile support, and on-site order control.

-Salesperson(schedule shift)
Work content:Check out for customers, guide queuing lines, organize goods on the shelves, replenish goods, and store goods.

This activity must be accompanied by vocational training on 1/5. It is a scheduling system. Please indicate the date that can be used for scheduling!
The full schedule and national holidays can cooperate with work and those who have cash register experience and have completed two doses of vaccinations will be admitted first!
(Two weeks before the start of 1/6-1/16 and "New Year's Eve & Lunar New Year Holidays", priority admission will be given to those who can go to work during the whole schedule)